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Dojang Etiquette

Due to Covid19 we have been doing our best to prepare our Dojang to be inviting, clean and safe to practice Martial Arts. Please read below...

Protocol will be updated according to CDC and NYC guidelines.

Marble Surface

Safety Rules


Masks are optional during class so please respect each other's choses. If you are sick please stay home.


Please wash hands upon arrival, either with soap/water (preferred) or provided hand sanitizer. Nails must be clean and trimmed to an appropriate length.


Toe nails must been clean and trimmed. All open wounds must be covered with sports tape or bandaids. Wash your feet before stepping on to the mat.

Marble Surface

Thank you for doing your part

There are many traditions in Martial Arts and here at MSA we intend to uphold many of them. Proper Dojang etiquette is encouraged and keeps us all mindful of respect, for the space and each other. You will need to bring your own Dojand sandals (any clean soft bottom sandal) and clean small towel. Upon arrival please put your shoes on the shoe rack provided and switch to your Dojang sandals. Next wash your hands and feet at the cleaning station provided (using the clean small towel you brought to dry your feet). Change into your workout gear if needed. All workout attire must be clean with no excessive buckles, zippers, or other sharp objects that could damage the mats or injure your training partner. Make sure your workout attire allows you to do all the dynamic movement with comfort and ease. This is your Martial Arts school so please treat it like your home. Welcome to Martin Striking Academy.

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