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WE TRAIN FOR LIFE: MSA is here to bring a well rounded striking curriculum that works in any situation. Building a solid foundation in kicks and punches along with grappling has proved to be the most effective way to defend yourself.  This is the style of martial art that was taught to me by Master Oh Hyun Seek of South Korea and I wish to teach this to you.


My focus is to help you achieve your individual goals while training in a team setting along with partners. We use a Tae Kwon Do based striking system mixed with wrestling, and we believe this is a great foundation to not only achieve martial arts skills but becoming a strong individual ready for the many ups and downs of life.






Indomitable Spirit



Belts Ranks

White: Infinite Possibilities

Yellow: Confidence

Blue: Discipline

Red: Perseverance

Brown: Humility

Black: Mastery


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