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Martial Arts program by Coach Edward Martin

Martial Arts is the ability to fluently express yourself through movement.  My focus is to help you achieve your individual goals while training in a team setting along with partners. We use a Tae Kwon Do based striking system mixed with wrestling, and we believe this is a great foundation to not only achieve martial skills but becoming a strong individual ready for the many ups and downs of life.


We are building confident individuals through hard work, over coming challenges in a safe and encouraging team environment.  We provide individual and group sessions in several different locations for kids to adults. Due to Covid19 all our classes have moved to Virtual Formats, please contact us directly for more info. (updated July 2020)


Monthly Memberships avaialble

Beginner Classes


This class is geared towards helping our newest students fall in love with martial arts.  We focus not only on the basics but also bringing the athlete out of our students.  Discipline, focus, and building a team environment where students can build their social skills along with their physical skills is the focus here.



Join this class if you are ready to push your self beyond the basics. This is a high pace class that will challenge your striking skills along with your athletic ability. We will focus on the fundamentals of striking, basic grappling, and agility through partnering and team work.



Everyone has their own goals and aspirations. I am here to help you achieve those milestones.  Doesn't matter if you are a professional fighter or just looking to lose weight, I can help you.  Martial arts has a long time tradition of bringing out not only martial skills, but physical health and mental confidence like no other activity. Come see me to get to your best self.

15yrs and up


It's not always about winning and losing, simply being is adequate enough




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